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The first sensations that you experience when entering a cave manifest the most loving and warmhearted welcome that the cave has for you. In the midst of the darkness, a place to explore presence, serenity, connection and even if it seems impossible a lot of clarity!

Oh, I almost forget! Caves hide incredible secrets that earth’s climate has recorded through geological time from thousands to millions of years.  Interested in discovering how? Let’s go, this climatic adventure awaits us!

This space is created to share in a freely and relaxed way the interest to understand how the planet’s climate has worked through time, the speleothem science, cave experiences and more. Thus it is all together and at the same time. Let’s see if this is possible to some point.  Perhaps when adding words, images, numbers or sounds, this curiosity could be pacified.  If not at least we’ll have fun for a while.

About me

I am a human being who enjoys questioning and thinking about life and the universe. I love the mountains, the ocean, and dancing. Also, I like to just sit and eat ice cream. Right now, I’m doing a Ph.D. in Geosciences at Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany.